Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of Year Awards

     The 3rd and 4th graders celebrated the end of the year together with several activities.  We had a kickball tournament, watched a movie, had popcorn and soda, and voted for each other for classroom awards.  Your teachers are very proud of you and hope you have a great summer!

Mrs. Turner's 3rd grade

Mrs. Lowder's 3rd grade

Ms. Reed's 4th grade

Mrs. Ehrmans' 4th grade

3rd and 4th grade End of Year Awards

Great Mathematician: 
     Savannah Robinette, Mason Scroggins, Junior Stewart, 
     Chase Dougherty, Olive Goodall

Great Reader:
     Zaryk Garlits, Josi McLean, Samantha Howard, Mackenzie Richardson

Super Speller:
     Rieley Klobetanz, Kambel Walls, Hinlee Thomas

Super Scientist:
     Jacee Alexander, Brock Dennis

Great Writer:
     Kenadi Ryan, Dani Casson, Sienna Brown, Kenna Vollmer, Shalynn Harris

Super Artist:
     Leighton Garlits, Bailie Ford, Libby Malone, Autumn Green

Most Improved:
     Landon Plummer, Jacob King, Zach Turner, Hayden Ford, Ryan Downs

Fantastic Attendance:
     Sydne Dean

Great Athlete:
     Jordan Bettis, Delaney Turner, Collin Johnson, Bishop McDannald,
     Clark Nelson, Gabe Lyons

Handy Helper:
     Reanna Houseman, Aimee Edwards, Kimmy Hurley, Keaton Johnson,       
     Ethan Rubio Miller

Brightest Smile:
     Matthew Morgason, Kennedy Rotherham, Keaton Teel,
     Emma Fairless, Alex Caruthers, Kendra Edwards

Fantastic Friendship:
     Evan Stewart, Patrick Pasley, Owen Paluska, Drew Wiser

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bat Doctor

We've gone BATTY!  
     The bat doctor visited us to help us learn more about the good qualities of bats.  He also talked about where we could find them and what kind of bats we have in Illinois.  Did you know there are 13 different kinds?

Friday, May 5, 2017

Careers Field Trip

We had some "adventures" and learned a lot on our Career Day Field Trip!  First stop: CHS elevator...thank you Mr. Paluska!
We enjoyed the video, the tour, and the corn.  :)

Second stop: DiCarlos Pizza...yum yum!!
We appreciate them greatly for their help and support with our "adventure"! The pizza was great!

Third stop:People's Bank and Trust.  
Thank you Mrs. Rubio, Mrs. Vollmer, and all the other bank workers for your time, patienceand gift bag of goodies! 

Last stop: home.  Guest Speaker Joe Crain.  We are famous TV stars now.  Hope you saw us on the news!  He was wearing the flower we gave him! Hope he likes his mug too. :)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Reading for Fun and Adventure

Knight's Action Park
     Students were to read 10 books between October and April at home.  If they met the challenge, they received a ticket to Splash Kingdom at Knight's Action Park. Congratulations on meeting the goal!!  Enjoy your free ticket!

Six Flags
     These students also read for 360 minutes to receive a free ticket to Six Flags.  All your extra reading paid off!! Good job everyone!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Math with 6th Grade Friends

     Sixth grade students measured our 3rd graders heights and asked their ages.  They are going to plot the information in graphs.  Perfect timing...we are also studying about surveying, analyzing, and interpreting data in Math class. :)  We hope they will come back and share their results with us.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Super Hero Day!

     During PE time Jared's Keepers played games with us and talked to us about bullying, how to be a good friend, and what to do when someone is sad.  Each of the games taught us to work as a team and cooperate with friends.  Thank you Keepers for the great lesson and activities!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Tell us about your CAREER! 
     In Social Studies we are learning about jobs and careers.  We have compared and contrasted such things as producers/consumers, employees/employers, goods/services, and wants/needs.  We've also talked about budgets, profits, spending, saving, and the economy.  
  To help us learn more about the careers of our parents and families we are taking a field trip to CHS Elevator, DiCarlo's Pizza, and People's Bank.  We will learn about agriculture, the food industry, owning a business, and banking. 
     Some visitors already came to our classroom in March for Reading and Math Days. We talked about careers with them when they were here: Dale Aldrich-construction, Ken Johnson-agriculture, Jim Whalen-insurance, Pam Main-postal service, and Emily Rubio-banking.  (See earlier posts)  
     Other visitors that are coming to our classroom to tell us about their careers...
                                      Nikki Goodall: Art

Jodi Anderson: Nursing

Karen Dennis: Teaching/child care

Abe Wiser: Trucking

Joe Crain: TV/weather  

Brooke Johnson: Dental Hygienist

Derek Megenty...Hog Confinement

...and Wilbur!  Thanks for visiting!